GuestHouse rents rooms located in the living heart of the city of Sassari, offering its guests a unique experience of living, thanks to the elegant style of the rooms, to the refined classic-themed rooms that blend with the style of Piazza D’italia. But above all to the numerous services offered.



At Les Suites Royales there is a double bedroom for every occasion: luxurious, elegant, heavenly, relaxing. Recently renovated themed suites will welcome you in an original and unique atmosphere, classic atmospheres, real wood furnishings created by the artisan hands of the Falignameria Arredamenti Bussu of Sassari, unique in their style. Beds coordinated with extra large orthopedic mattresses for pleasant relaxation. The suite rooms with balcony will leave you pleasantly open-mouthed in front of the splendid panoramic view of the Piazza d’italia, one of the largest squares in Italy..



Les Suite Royales is the best GuestHouse for business trips, congresses and fairs. Structure connected with all public means of transport such as Bus, Taxi, easily reachable on foot via metro or train station and through urban roads with paid street parking.
We offer a wide choice of comfort and services to workers, such as Wi-Fi and work desk in the room and large spaces.



In the spirit of relaxation and the discovery of emotions, GuestHouse luxury, in the city center, invites its guests to live a unique experience, thanks to its strategic location you can experience the city nightlife among restaurants and aperitifs.
Experience the shopping streets and discover all the city’s monuments one after another simply by walking through the streets of Sassari.

The City of Sassari | Turistic itineraries


The city of Sassari it is the second center of Sardinia for a resident population of over 130,000 inhabitants, located in the north of the island.

In ancient times, close to the sea, with the threat continually brought by the Saracen pirates, the population retreated inland, giving rise to the nucleus of today’s city. It flourished in the communal age and was the first in Sardinia to acquire autonomous statutes that regulated civic and administrative life.

Walking through the streets of the city it is also possible to find styles and cultures that have given birth to our city in urban planning and in the aesthetics of buildings.

In the historic center of Sassari you can visit


Piazza D’italia
Only 900 meters away – Piazza d’Italia, known by citizens as the “Sassari’s living room”, is the most important square in the city of Sassari. It was built starting from 1872 just outside the walls that enclosed the medieval old town. The design of the square, originally octagonal in shape, was part of the wider enlargement plan of the city that will take shape starting from the nineteenth century …

the Cathedral of St. Nicholas
A 1.5 km walk through the historic streets and fashion shops of the city – Statues, ornaments, columns and friezes: the first impact with the façade of the Cathedral of San Nicola in Sassari is truly amazing. Set in the historic center, it can be reached along narrow streets full of charm. And when it suddenly appears, it is almost abducted to admire what the human genius and art can create of extraordinary.
A facade concluded in the first quarter of the eighteenth century with three niches hosting the statues of the martyred martyrs Proto, Gavino and Gianuario, in the center the niche with the statue of St. Nicholas, patron saint of the city of Sassari, and the Eternal Father blessing.

Rosello Fountain
1.8 km away – so extraordinary that it deserves a stamp. The fountain of Rosello, the symbol of the city of Sassari, was chosen in 1975 by the Italian Post Office as the most famous ornamental fountain in Sardinia. Made in late Renaissance style by Genoese craftsmen between 1603 and 1606, with a public taxation of a thousand scudi, it represents the passage of time allegorically …

the Palazzo Ducale
Among the many palaces built by the Sassari nobility also Palazzo Ducale stands out for its beauty right from the façade with windows of different shapes and top floor openings framed by an original rococo style motif. The Ducal Palace built between 1775 and 1804 by Don Antonio Manca, Marquis of Mores and lord of Usini, immediately after being given the title of Duke of Asinara and located in the heart of the historic city center. For its realization a family palace was demolished and some “tall houses” of neighboring private individuals were incorporated …

the Giovanni Antonio Sanna National Museum
We can say almost below the house at 500 meters – the main museum institution of central-northern Sardinia. Entering the Sanna Museum is like taking a dip in history, from the Paleolithic to the present day. A journey through artifacts and ancient objects collected over time by enthusiasts who have gradually created a treasure to offer the city and its visitors …

The privileged position of Sassari will also allow you to organize various excursions in Northern Sardinia and you will discover a sea with its colorful hues, caves, inlets, headlands and coves that make the Sardinian sea unique.

What to see outside the city


At about 35 km from Sassari, there is Alghero. An ancient Catalan village, also called Barceloneta, Alghero has an incredible charm, thanks to its centuries-old walls and characteristic cobbled streets, the ancient palaces, the ramparts and the shops and boutiques of red coral. A tourist-friendly town that inspires thousands of tourists every season.

Just 45 km from Sassari is Stintino, one of the most famous tourist resorts in Sardinia.
Stintino is characterized by a breathtaking landscape and beaches, such as La Pelosa with its Aragonese tower that stands on turquoise waters and Capo Falcone whose cliffs are 110 meters high and from which to enjoy the whole panorama of the Gulf of Asinara.

The Asinara Park is a true paradise on earth. First headquarters of the maximum security prison, today it is a protected natural area. A unique landscape in the world, where you can get in touch with unspoiled nature and unique animal species such as white donkeys, and where you can bathe in a crystal clear sea. Choose how to visit it: by train on foot, by bicycle or on horseback.
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